..07704127619..Pixiepompom1@outlook.com.My location is on the Essex sunshine coast of Holland-on-sea, i have over 40yrs experience breeding, it all started back in the 70’s when i was breeding and showing Pekingese dogs,i have also bred Persian cats,hamsters,budgies,chipmonks,ferrets,rabbits,cockatiels,stanley rosellas and moggie cats, i am 100% an animal lover and strict vegan, all my dogs and pups live in the home, i am a local authority licensed breeder and my home and dogs have been checked by my local authority and a vet ,i am also a qualified micro chipper and all pups leave me microchipped , i also give you a nice puppy pack which includes, food storage container, food plate, travel water bowl, toy, puppy collar, puppy sleep pad or blanket, book on puppy care and management, sample of puppy food.plus a coupon for money off you next pack of puppy food, i am also here for you should you need help or advise, next litter due April....email me at....pixiepompom1@outlook.com..

 This little girl below in garden is Cassie,she is sister to Jet.

 The picture left is of Pixiepompom Miss Dior who now lives in a loving family home in kent with her half sister Pixiepompom Coco Chanel(Right),the picture below is of Missy now all grown up and sitting in her high chair,the picture below that is of Missy with Coco,both poms much loved by their family.PIXIEPOMPOM MISS DIOR has just completed her 1st modeling job for HARRODS 

  <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mk8Q8ljrpvg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



 The above pic is one of my home-bred pups in her smart coat.


 Cute little black boy is Jet,he is a tiny pomeranian with a big personality.

 The little cream girls below are my Pixie(in bag)and is sister to my Tinkerbell(right).


 The little girl sitting on wall (below right) is Chablis,she now lives with a nice couple in Waltham abbey.

One of my homebred pups having a cuddle.

Above left is one of my homebred white pups having a cuddle.


 Below is one of my home-bred wolf sable pups,1 of his sisters now lives in Jersey.

Freddy,...Gone but never forgotten...R.I.P...my little boy...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Homebred wolf sable male pup.


This cute little girl above is one of my homebred pups,(Buttons) 


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